Music album release

«Rajsn-elektronik: Jewish-Belarusian electronic music» is a rethinking of the Belarusian-Jewish musical heritage by modern electronic producers.

The centuries-old neighborhood of peoples influenced the national culture, also reflected in the musical folklore. From traditional tunes and ditties to author's romances and modern neofolk - the intertwining and mutual influence of two musical traditions is manifested everywhere.

We decided to go further and to rethink this legacy using modern musical technology. With the help of famous folklorists Zisl Slepovich and Ales Astraukh, we have compiled an archive of melodies and tunes, and invited Belarusian electronic producers to create their own music tracks and remixes based on it. The result of this work was a new album, which was released as part of the 2nd "Belarusian-Jewish festival".

The album was prepared by the Belarusian-Jewish Cultural Heritage Center in cooperation with Radio Plato and is available for listening on the festival website and streaming services.