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To raise awareness of the rich Belarusian-Jewish cultural heritage and assist the more comprehensive and objective presentation of the Jewish heritage in Belarus within the national and the global context.


non-profit organization
ONE OF THE CENTER'S KEY OBJECTIVES is the creation of the Jewish Museum in Belarus as a complete and contemporary platform including a museum exposition and a cultural, research and educational centers.
The center conducts complex work that includes popularization of the Belarusian-Jewish heritage by organizing various projects and events, developing solutions for the future museum exposition, as well as collaborating with local and foreign experts and organizations.


raising the topic of the Belarusian-Jewish cultural heritage to the level of a national brand and integrating it into different areas of activity;
exploring new forms of presentation of this heritage;
being aimed not only at the Jewish community, but at the modern society as a whole;
exploring the modern national identity and the interconnections and reciprocal influences of the Belarusian and the Jewish culture;
breaking the false cliches and stereotypes;
striking the balance between the work with specialized organizations and experts and the involvement of young generation.
developing the discourse about the Jewish heritage as an integral part of the Belarusian history;
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Maya Katznelson
Zakhar Dudzinski
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Grigory Kheifets
Darya Gromyko
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Victoria Fedorova
Katerina Khrolovich
«Our mission is to raise the topic of the Belarusian-Jewish heritage to the level of a national brand, an integral part of the history and culture of Belarus and the global Jewish history».
Maya Katznelson, Center founder
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Abigail Morris, Director of Jewish Museum London
«‎I think what you are doing today is just fantastic, it proves once again that the Jews and other national communities that historically live on these lands may feel at home here again».
Radio Belarus
«The Belarusian-Jewish Cultural Heritage Center has been out there for less than a year. And even though the organization has no space of its own for now, it does not prevent these enthusiasts from implementing large-scale projects and returning the long forgotten names into the Belarusian cultural context, revealing the previously unknown pages of our common history».
«‎Such events prove that borders are starting to shift. Belarus is slowly evolving on an international scene and becoming a convenient space for organising cultural and IT events. Hopefully, the trend will continue and Belarus will see more interest from the international community».
"The Forward", USA
«‎At the end of 1930 the Soviet authorities destroyed the face of the Belarusian-Jewish culture. Now the young Belarusian intellectuals are willing to discover the ruined and forgotten cultural heritage».
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