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Where: National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus
When: 14/02/2020 – 15/04/2020


Lazar Khidekel was one of the founders of the UNOVIS art association in Vitebsk that became the center of the world avant-garde. A student of Marc Chagall, El Lissitzky and Kazimir Malevich, a prominent suprematist artist whose early works anticipated the minimal-art, he entered history as the world's first suprematic architect, innovator, author of the first architectural ecological manifesto of the XX century and the projects of the futuristic and eco-cities that were way ahead of their time.
[ about the project ]
A personal exhibition of Lazar Khidekel's work, the first in the history of Belarus, opened at the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus on the day of the 100th anniversary of UNOVIS, February 14, 2020.

Among the guests at the opening ceremony were also the participants of the international scientific and practical conference dedicated to 100 years of UNOVIS that opened in Vitebsk on February 12 and closed in Minsk on February 14. The opening was attended by the heirs of the legendary art group creators: Lazar Khidekel's family - his son, a known architect and designer Mark Khidekel, with his wife Regina Khidekel, and his son Roman Khidekel, urban architect, as also grand-niece of Kazimir Malevich, Ivona Malevich, and great granddaughter of El Lissitzky, Valeria Lissitzky.

About 100 original works and UNOVIS documents from the personal archive and collection of the Khidekel family were delivered to Minsk from New York specially for the exhibition. The exposition contained early suprematist compositions, projects of the futuristic cities: Aero-cities, Garden-cities, space stations, as well as the legendary first architectural environmental manifesto AERO.

The exhibition was complemented by animations created by Roman Khidekel - fantasies on the space theme based on his famous grandfather's work.
At the core of the concept lied the prophetic phrase of Lazar Khidekel «They will understand us in 100 years».

The work "Intersecting Lines" created in 1920, the suprematist lattice reminding the world-famous hashtag, became the main visual of the project #UNOVIS100. This element represents the ideal ratio of density and space, black and white, it is one of the idioms that Khidekel introduced into the language of Suprematism. The hashtag is also a reference to the IT sector that Belarus is currently famous for today. To emphasize this idea, young Belarusian architects and programmers were engaged in preparation of the exhibition to create projects in augmented and virtual reality that have brought Khidekel's futuristic city to life.
«100 years of UNOVIS, an art group founded in Vitebsk by the students and tutors of the local art school, is one of the most outstanding events in the country's cultural life in 2020. In Belarus, this date will be celebrated by multiple dedicated events, but the largest will be #UNOVIS100. Due to this initiative we are starting the anniversary year with the exhibition of Lazar Khidekel that will be the first ever in the history of our country, and we will witness a truly unique happening - greeting the families of the legendary founders of UNOVIS in their historical homeland».
Yuri Bondar, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus


Publication of the bilingual book "They Will Understand Us in 100 Years. Lazar Khidekel", created by the Belarusian-Jewish Cultural Heritage Center together with the Lazar Khidekel Society, edited by Regina Khidekel.

A special program of master classes for children, developed in partnership with the Architectural Thinking School.
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By another amazing coincidence, Khidekel's first personal exhibition in his homeland took place in a leap year exactly on his birthday - on February 29. On Lazar Khidekel's birthday, the open Suprematist party was held with the participation of the Khidekel family.
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Vladimir Prokoptsov, director of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belaru
«The UNOVIS heritage is scattered all over the world, but every museum or collector is inevitably proud of the exhibits bearing the names of Malevich and other artists of the Vitebsk Renaissance. Lazar Khidekel is one of them. And the return of his artwork back to his homeland is a truly historical event».
Ivona Malevich, grand-niece of Kazimir Malevich
«UNOVIS was not just a revolution in art, it was also a revolution in architecture. All of the future architecture of the XX century began in Vitebsk, where Malevich started creating his architectons - houses for the people that will live in space. Just take a look at the modern cosmic stations that are now in space».
Maya Katznelson, exhibition curator
Komsomolskaya Pravda
«To emphasize this idea we have engaged Belarusian programmers in this project. Not all are able to appreciate the complexity of Khidekel's futuristic cities just by looking at his drawings. The augmented and virtual reality technologies will help to present his projects in 3D. Due to augmented reality, Khidekel's Aero-city has come alive».
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Exhibition curators:
Maya Katznelson, founder of the Belarusian-Jewish Cultural Heritage Center
Ekaterina Izofatova, Candidate of Fine Arts, head of the Modern Belarusian Art department

Poster design: Vladimir Gorz
Belarusian-Jewish Cultural Heritage Center
National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus
А1 Company
Lazar Khidekel Society (USA)
Belarus National Commission for UNESCO
Goethe-Institute in Belarus
Vitebsk People's Art School History Museum
Level 80 architecture firm
Feeling Digital company
Zalkind Home Hotel
Svet Goroda Advertising Agency
Children's School of Architectural Thinking
Willing Hotel

The works of Lazar Khidekel presented at the exhibition and published in the catalogue is the courtesy of the Lazar Khidekel family.