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Mendele Moicher Sforim is an outstanding Belarusian-Jewish writer, a classic, and the "grandfather of Yiddish literature", originally from Kopyl. His novels have been translated into many languages around the world. After a long obscurity, Mendele's name is now returning to his homeland.
"The Travels of Benjamin III" is an acutely satirical novel, often referred to as the "Jewish Don Quixote." Despite the centuries between Cervantes and Mendele, the 19-th century Jewish writer faced a similar social task: to challenge the prevailing medeival mindset.
The author originally wrote this novel in Yiddish in the 19th century and later rewrote it in Hebrew in the 20th. Now, in the 21st century, after being translated into many languages, a Belarusian version has been published, prepared by the Belarusian-Jewish Cultural Heritage Center and Lohvinau Publishing House.

The novel was translated by Pavel Kostyukevich. The illustrations created by Belarusian artist Mitya Pislyak.


«With this book, the Belarusian-Jewish Cultural Heritage Center continues to acquaint modern readers with vivid examples of Jewish culture in Belarus. The Center strives for Jewish heritage to be fully represented as an integral part of Belarusian history and culture, seeking new forms of representation by inviting experts and young artists who can breathe new life into it».
From the preface to the book "The Travels of Benjamin III".
- Central bookstore, Independence Ave., 19
- Bookstore "Galiyafy", Minsk, shopping center Nemiga, 3
- Bookstore "Akademkniga", Minsk, Nezalezhnosti Ave., 72
- Palace of Art, Design & Art store, 2nd floor, Minsk, Kozlova str., 3
- "Marks" books and coffee, Minsk, Marks str., 11
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The illustrations for the book contain many encrypted symbols, references to Jewish culture, landscapes and architecture of Belarusian places. Based on the illustrations by Mitya Pislyak, a colorful and ironic sticker pack for Telegram has been developed, which will bring Belarusian-Jewish flavor to communication.


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In 2022, an audio version of the book was released in partnership with The novel was voiced by theater and film actor Mikhail Zuy.


[ event ]
Within the framework of the 2nd Belarusian-Jewish Festival, a presentation and discussion of the book took place in the format of an "online tea party" - an informal conversation with the authors of the publication and recognized experts in the field of Yiddish culture: Mikhail Krutikov, Mordechai Yushkovsky, Pavel Kostyukevich and Ales Astraukh. They discussed the features of the Belarusian publication and translation, as well as the significance of Mendele in Jewish literature.

During the 3rd Belarusian-Jewish Festival, the book presentation, meeting with the translator Pavel Kostyukevich and the curator of the project Maya Katznelson took place at the Belarusian Library and Museum of F. Skorina in London. The book is presented in the museum's collection.

Author: Mendele Moicher Sforim
Translation: Pavel Kostyukevich
Edited by: Andrei Hodanovich
Illustrated by: Mitya Pislyak
Publishing house: Lohvinau, Vilnius, 2021
Belarusian-Jewish Cultural Heritage Center
Lohvinau Publishing House